Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Create Your Own Unique Style

Hola, girls and boys! Today, this fashionista is going to teach you how to find your own unique style! After all, sometimes we all get a little too caught up in the world of Abercrombie logo tees and dressing just like the girls at school. Isn't it better to stand out and be noticed? I don't mean you have to dress wild 'n' crazy- in fact, I don't think you should. Just adding your own personal touch to every outfit is a great place to start, though!

My Personal Tips for Finding Your Own Unique Style
1. Find a "you" item of clothing and wear it often. I would not suggest wearing it every day, but a few times a week gives you a way to be recognizable fashionably. For me, I wear a headband almost every day. It keeps the bangs out of my face, is good for a bad hair day, and can definitel be cute. I have some gorgeous headbands. Other ideas are scarves, a certain necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet, a type of shoes (I also rock boots a lot), etc. Don't let this piece define you stylistically, rather, define it yourself!

2. Instead of picking one fashion icon, pick two or three. Let those two or three fashionistas inspire you when you shop or choose outfits for a day. This way, instead of just replicating one star, you're mixing up several styles into a style that is uniquely your own. My fashion icons are Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen (yes, I love Gossip Girl! Haha), and Taylor Swift. When I shop, I think of those two fictional characters and one very real singer, and I let them inspire me.

3. Whenever you go through magazines and catalogs or are bored online, find pictures of clothes you like, stars who are dressing cute, even rooms or anything designer-ish that inspires you. Make collages, and post one by your closet and put another in your purse for when you go shopping. Also make wishlists, so you buy only what you really want!

4. Have a signature piece for when you need to feel confident. It can change, as mine often does. I recently bought a pair of black booties that I feel sexy and confident in. I wear them when I'm nervous or headed out to an important function. It really helps give me that boost I need when I'm feeling down, as well!

5. Find an LBD...but make it your own. You don't have to go for the classic little black dress. You can find a black dress and declare it your own. Mine, for instance, is a sweater dress. It's much more me than anything like this. It also looks fabulous with my black booties and colored tights. Just sayin'.

I hope all of these tips helped you find your own personal style!

Until next time,


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wonderful Winterwear (for every Occasion)

Bonjour, mes amis et mes amies! How are you all this lovely Turkey day? As promised, I am bringing you multiple posts this week (thank you break!) AND promise a dry spell of no longer than three weeks afterwards (hopefully not even a week though!).

Today I'm bringing you some fabulously fashionable ideas for every important winter occasion!

First off, we have the ever-dreaded exams. I am a firm believer in dressing as comfortably as possible during exams, so I suggest jeans and a hoodie. However, I also believe in taken a break between studying, and sipping an espresso or hot chocolate. Therefore, I pair my hoodie with flats- cute, comfy, and casual- an oversized bag to throw a textbook and my cell in, and some simple jewelry. I chose pearls and a silver pearl ring because those leave me feeling confident and classy. Studies do show that those dressed classily perform better on exams. It's that boost of confidence that says "I can ace this!"

exams by emoemu

My next outfit is for possibly the worst shopping experience ever- holiday shopping. Even if you don't celebrate a gift-giving holiday in the winter, my friends all exchange gifts and yours may as well. It can be stressful. Not only do you need the perfect gift for your best friend and your new boyfriend, but what are you going to get Grammy or Aunt Gertrude? You'll probably be at the mall for a while (I suggest grabbing some friends to make it at least bearable), so you want to be comfortable. Of course, the entire world is you want to look cute. Straight-legged or skinny jeans are always flattering, and when you pair them with a bulky knit vest, you'll be turning heads. If it's snowing, add Bean Boots (much cuter in real life), and if it isn't, wear moccassins. Add a cute beret for lazy hair, a watch to make sure you make it everywhere before the mall closes, a funky necklace to be noticed, and a bag big enough to carry the all of those receipts, and you're ready for a day of hectic shopping! Just think of all the calories you're burning off of that Thanksgiving meal!

christmas shopping by emoemu

After all of that shopping, you have to head to your mom's company party. It's semi-formal dress, so all you need is a cute coctail dress. A matching clutch for your cell phone and lipgloss is necesary of course. Heels will make you seem older and not so much like "The CFO's kid." I love this owl ring, it's funky but not too loud. Pair it with a simpler, classier necklace so that your jewelry isn't too obnoxious!

wintry wonderland partay by emoemu

When the snow starts falling, don't stay inside by the fire...go walking in a winter wonderland! Have a snowball fight with your friends, neighbors, family, or whoever is around. Build a snowman or snowwoman. Just stay bundled up in boots, jeans, a heavy winter jacket, gloves, a scarf, and a beret! You'll be the cutest snowbunny out there!

snowball fights by emoemu

Next up we one of the most terrifying events a girl must go through...a holiday dinner with her boyfriend's entire family. Yes, Grandmother Betty will be there, as will Uncle Fred and cousin Janet. You need to look classy of course, but cute...just in case you and your sweetie get any alone time. This dress is fun (and from my favorite store, Rugby) but not trashy at all, especially when paired with tights. Adding booties will give you a professional yet chic edge. A watch lets his family know you're serious about punctuality, and wearing the necklace that your boyfriend got you for Christmas (and that, in all honesty, his mother probably picked out) shows you appreciate what he and his family do for you. Smile, say plenty of thank yous, and don't forget a thank you card about a week later. Grandmother Betty will think you're her favorite future granddaughter-in-law ;) (but you don't actually need to marry him).

dinner with boyfriend's parents by emoemu

With the terrifying dinner over with, it's time to party as you count down to the new year! Your friend Jessica is hosting a New Years party, and everyone who is anyone will be there. You need to look cute, and you decide to go with a wintry theme. A white sweater dress is good for snuggling with your boyfriend right before your New Year's kiss, not to mention warm and flattering. Add some silver jewelry, a headband, and a silver bag. Either heels or flats are acceptable, depending on how formal the party is. However, if all you wear is white and silver you'll look a little boring. Colored tights are in style right now, and they really pop with all white (or all black).

wintry wonderland 1 by emoemu

Finally, the holidays are over. It's the new year and it's time for a new year! Start the new semester off right with an adorably chic outfit. As you can tell, I love my skinny/straight jeans. I also adore blazers (so flattering) and that scarf is outrageously attractive. Since the least-used color is red, I opted for red flats and a red bag. Red is a noticeable color, so people will see the new, bold you on the first day back to school! The gold jewelry is also a nice touch to make you stand out.

first day back to school by emoemu

Well, now you have an idea on what to wear for every holiday season event. Bon chance, et au revoir!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stores We Love

Bonjour fashionistas!
Oh my, it has been a long time since I've posted. I've just been so wrapped up in school! This week though, I'm off for break. I'm going to make as many posts as possible, and then I'll try for one a week until winter break. Boarding school is going fabulously, thanks for asking!

So, today we're going to chat about some cute, little-known stores. They may be well-known to YOU, but I discovered them over the summer. A few of them are just a tad pricey, so I would suggest putting it on your holiday wishlist in hopes that Santa may put it under the tree or your parents will give it to you on the eighth night...

The FIRST store we're going to chat about is Kira Plastinina. To be honest, this store is not really my style, as it's a little too funky for me, but you have to commend Kira. She's only in tenth grade, and she's running her own fashion line and doing very well. Now, she doesn't design all of the clothes, but she does inspire them. The clothes are, as I said, funky, with glittery dresses, print leggings, and colorful tees. I did find some things that I loved, both on-line and in her New York store, such as this dress. The store is also very teen-friendly, with colorful decorations, a candy bar, and a free lollipop for every customer. I would certainly suggest searching this store, even if it would never be my mine wardrobe staple. And who knows? It could be yours!

The next store we're going to chat about it much more me-Madewell! I found this store over the summer, and it is one of my absolute favorites now! I think of it as a sort of casual-chic-meets-J.Crew, a connection that shouldn't come as a surprise since Madewell and J.Crew are owned by some of the same people. My favorite item they sell is scarves...and they have PLENTY for me to love. They also sell several cardigans, and my personal favorite- straight-legged jeans and cords. I have the jeans in blue, gray, yellow, and the cords in blue. They're trendy, warm, and flattering. This store is a must-go for staples, cardigans, jeans, and scarves. They also have fabulous boots!

The next store is possibly my favorite. Ever. It's name is Rugby and it's owned by Ralph Lauren. Is it expensive? Oh yes. Is it worth it? Ohhh yes! Everything they sell is, and flattering! If you watch Gossip Girl and you saw that episode at Yale, it screamed Rugby the entire time! Unsurprisingly they sell several rugbies. They also have chic dresses and skirts. The blouses are also to die for. Do you see anything wrong with this store? I have yet to find anything ugly there! Oh sure, some of it may not be anything I would wear. It's still cute though!

That's it for this post of fabulous stores! I hope you found some new things you love! Arrivederci! Ciao!


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Seven Hectic Days of Fashion

Bonjour Fashionistas! This week, I'm giving you 7 days of how to be fashionable, no matter what's on your plate! As fashionable girls, you're probably busy a lot. You have sports, voice lessons, school, studying, possibly church (I'm assuming you do, just for the few that do, but if not, feel free to ignore!). It's a crazy life, and one that requires an awesome wardrobe!

Monday's are lazy days. Really, who cares enough to look cute on a Monday? All you want to do is throw on jeans and a teeshirt and run out the door. This outfit may take a whole 2 seconds longer to put on than that, but it's way cuter. You have your simple jeans and a teeshirt (or in this case, polo) just throw a vest on over it! Add some cute flats and a tote to carry all of your books et voila, simple et chic.

Tuesday night is a square dance at your school. Okay, okay, what's lamer than a square dance? A square dance on a Tuesday night! You can pull of silly themed dances with style though. Just take a trendy dress, add some fringe boots and a cowboy hat, and you're the talk of the barn, y'all! I love this dress because if worn with a completely different outfit, it's still cute and not so...barnyard. But with worn with the right shoes and're ready for the tractor pull! My school is having a square dance the first Saturday, and this is what I'm wearing!

Wednesday, it's time for a voice lesson (or art class, or drama rehearsal...). You want your instructor and fellow artistes to know that you have seriously artistic style. But sometimes, the artsy look can come off as a bit...tacky. I love how simple and elegant this dress is, and how paired with the right shoes, jacket, and bag , it's artsy without being overdone. Your fellow singers...actors...painters...whatever will appreciate you and take you seriously as an artist in this!

You're president of Student Council, and on Thursday you have to lead a meeting. You want to look business-like and elegant, but at the same time you have to get through the rest the school day without looking nerdy. Blazers are very in right now, and thrown over a simple white teeshirt and tan pants, very simple. The open-toed wedges are also in, and add a fun twist. I doubt many of us have a Louis Vuitton bag, but any classy bag will do the trick, and I just love this one. Your teachers will appreciate your professionalism, both in the meeting and in class, and your classmates won't think you're a dweeb!

Friday night is date night. It's your anniversary and your boyfriend made reservations at a pretty swanky place downtown. After that, you'll head to his house to, um, watch a movie. You want to look hot, like your boyfriend knows you are, but sweet because you'll be in public and his parent and little sister may be home when you get to his house. This dress is gorgeous, and ANYTHING strapless is hot (unless it is truly horrendous). The sweater gives the outfit a more demure feel. Those earrings and that ring add a touch of class. You don't want a big, bulky bag overpowering the simple class of the outfit, so a clutch works perfectly. And of course, you have to have nice footwear at such a swanky place, but heels are so uncomfortable sometimes. You don't want blisters, so a trusty pair of flats works best! We'll see how much of that movie you remember!

Saturday night, it's girl's night out! You and your friends are going to catch a quick bite while you catch up, then head to the newest flick. You want to look cute, but casual, and you certainly don't want to look as dresses up as last night! This shirt dress is really cute (and these dresses are very in style right now!). It's simple, as are the shoes. The hat and bag add pops of color and fun, yet this ensemble is still easy to lounge around in at your favorite dinner spot.

Sunday is just a day for lounging around and finishing up some homework, plus maybe church. The idea for today was to take some accessories you could transform from church to chill, but of course if you don't go to church, you can just chill. I do, so I thought I would add it in. Anyways, this dress is really cute. Pearls add class to everything, and the bag and shoes dress it up without being ostentatious. When you come home and hibernate for the rest of the day, just a plain white teeshirt and jeans is cute but chill. After all, who cares? You're home by yourself. Of course, when the boy next door rings you bell to ask if he can mow your lawn, the shoes and pearls make your outfit just presentable enough!

So there you go! Seven days of fabulous fashion. Have fun, my fashionistas. Au revoir!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Outerwear Post

Bonjour, fellow fashionistas! Today, this blog is all about the outerwear! Vests,and trenches, and cardigans, oh my! Not to mention peacoats, bombers, leather moto jackets, and sweaters in general. Okay so because I clipped my own stuff into Polyvore, the bodies of some people were cut off, which also made some of the items a little weird. Sorry about that, bear with me. If you can't see an item, click on the set and then look at it on polyvore. Thanks :)

The first type of outerwear we'll talk about today is the peacoat and the trench. I grouped them together because they're both just timeless classics. Moreover, they look good on anyone and they're usually very warm! I love the color of the Maria Trench from Delia*s. It's the blue-ish one. If you have blue eyes (like me!) it's sure to bring them out. Also, the red trench from J.Crew is to die for. I have the belted peacoat from Delia*s. It's held up three years and I love it. I wear it all the time! Well, once it gets cold enough. It looks like checked coats are definitely in this season too. I love all of the ones I found, especially the Charlotte Ronson. There's also a spotted coat from Delia*s, which you can't really see. It's so fun, I want it! And the yellow coat from UO is so adorable. That color is very in right now, and I just love it! It adds a fun splash of color to a dreary, cold day!

Next on my list are bombers and motos. Bombers are always cute, and I enjoy my own moto jacket to give a trench edge to my otherwise classic style. The bomber from Wet Seal does that as well. I almost bought it, but then I found a Lucky moto (not online!) that I just died for. It looks a lot like the Silence & Noise jacket from UO, only it's brown. I fully suggest investing in a real leather jacket. They last forever, and leather is one of those awesome materials that gets MORE expensive the older it is. So if you buy a $398 jacket you can sell it ten years from now and end up with a profit. I also really like the tartan bomber from Forever 21. It's unique. All of the other bombers, from Delia* s and UO, are cute, comfy, and not outrageous. They're perfect for a girl who wants a little style but doesn't want to be crazy OUT THERE. Bombers and motos are always good for fall days, before it's cold enough to wear peacoats and trenches, or cool summer nights (although I prefer cardigans for those)

Speaking of cardigans, I am in LOVE with all of the cardigans around right now. They're so cute. They can be chic, preppy, trendy...whatever you need! That zebra print cardigan from Delia*s, for instance? Totally trendy. The J.Crew ones are all preppy, and the Urban ones, mostly chic (with a few preppy ones thrown in). They look great over anything. Tanks, tees, polos, button downs, camis, cute little tops, etc. They're good for early fall days and cool summer nights. They're really in right now, too, so they're everywhere! I liked them so much, I had to make TWO sets for them.

After cardigans, it makes sense to talk about sweaters! All four of these got a little messed up, but I'm sure you can see how chic they are. The BDG shawl from UO just makes me want to curl up in it. It looks so soft and yummy! I would definitely wear this out to the movies and dinner with the girls. I'd see and be seen, but during the feature I could just snuggle up in it too! The same thing goes for the bubble sleeve sweater. It's more boho than the first, but they both look deliciously comfortable, not to mention warm. I bet they look hot on, too. And the sweater coat? Let me just tell you right now, Kimchi Blue is one of my favorite designers. It seems like whenever I see something I like on Urban Outfitter's website, it's Kimchi Blue. This just looks so cute on the model, and it looks like it would be equally flattering on anyone else! Also, the Banana Republic sweater is so cute. I love the middle, how it comes together and folds. It's très sophisticated. Sweaters are definitely a late fall and winter staple, at least where I'll be (New England!)

Next up, let's talk about vests! Vests can take any outfit from blah to Ta-Da! They have vests for any style, from punk to boho to prep. It just depends what you pair it with ! For instance, the J.Crew sweater is obviously preppy, especially over that button down. The Delia*s sweater would give a fun twist to a boring polo, button-down, or teeshirt! Over the tee, it's a little boho (open) or punk (buttoned), but over the polo or button-down, it's another chic twist to a preppy outfit (see last week's post!). The Drape coated vest is so cute too. It's totally flattering. The Lux halter denim vest is chic and fashion forward. It looked great over that tank, and it would rock a teeshirt well too! The Silence & Noise brushed vest is asbsolutely to die for. I LOVE the idea of it over a simple dress, like the model is wearing, or over a boy tank. My favorite vest of all, however, is probably the BDG flannel vest. I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, I don't have the figure for it but if you do, I am beyond jealous. I would buy it in a HEARTBEAT and throw it over all my oxfords and teeshirts. I am so in love with vests right now.

Last but certainly not least, we have one of my favorite fall trends: BLAZERS. I was so happy when I saw these were in for fall. On those lazy days when you just want to wear a teeshirt and jeans, it takes literally two seconds to grab a blazer and throw it on out the door, so PLEASE do. They're chic, they're fun, and they're classy! I love the emblem on both the preppie cord blazer and the Legacy blazer. They add a fun prep-school element to any outfit. And with the Sgt Pepper Jacket you'll feel like you could start a Revolution (my personal favorite Beatle's song!) The Boy's Blazer is simple and elegant, and the picture made me realize that blazers can look awesome over the right dress! The Ben Sherman blazer is, I think, my favorite though. It's a lighter blue, adding some fun and color to the outfit without being too wild and crazy. The side pockets are so cute too! With blazers, you'll feel like you can take on the world!

Well, that's all for this post my darling fashionistas. Next time, I'll take you through seven days of that craziness we call the school year in style! Until then, keep stylin',


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bonjour, Fashionistas!

Welcome to my Blog, Les Modes D'Amour (for you non-French speakers, The Styles of Love). I'm going to show you the best style blog you've ever seen! So get ready...

Today's Fashion Statement is "Prep with a Twist." I am an INCREDIBLY preppy person. I do not mean Abercrombie and Hollister, either. We're talking J.Crew, Ralph Lauren...the real deal. Although, in my sets today, I do have a few Abercrombie items...Polyvore just doesn't have enough preppy gear from MY favorite stores. As you may have noticed, though, preppy can be a little cookie cutter, a little boring. So today...I'll show you how to take that prep school style that is so IN right now...and give it a twist!

Set #1 is pretty simple. This can be done with either a polo or a button-down, a skirt or shorts (although I reccomend denim, I suppose you could do khaki or another type of shorts). All you do is add gladiators and a boho bag. Pretty simple. Personally, I love gladiators. Not the up-your-ankle kind like these, but a more simple type, like these. They're chic, funky, and totally in right now. You may want to add some fun jewelry too, but I wanted to get across the simplicity of this outfit, so I didn't.

Oh wow, set #2 is probably my favorite. Of course, keep in mind that the button-down should be tucked IN to the high-waisted skirt. Oh, I am so in love with that skirt...I bought it, from Urban Outfitters, and it's so flattering. Anyways, I like this because the skirt, shirt and jewelry are so classy and prep school-esque. The bag, too, is very preppy. But the boots and the bomber add a different feel. With the exception of the purse (and the bomber, but I'm buying that soon), I own this entire outfit and I cannot wait to try it out. Of course, when I try it out it will be with my Dooney and Bourke bag. Still, I love this outfit and I hope you do too!

My third and final outfit, starring the above purse, I am in love with as well. Now, I can't pull of skinny jeans, or booties, but those that can...please pair them with a button down or polo. I like the nautical Betsey Johnson jewelry too. It adds a nice summery flavor to fall, so when you sit in class you can reminise about those beachy days. Here it is:

For some other ways to take Classic Prep to the next level, try...
-a preppy top with a slouchy cardigan, instead of the more fitted ones
-nice slacks and a more eclectic top

Any more ideas? Tips? Questions? Comments? Just comment me!

Oh, and post pictures of yourself in a preppy outfit with a cool twist. The best one will be featured in my next post. Happy fashioning, mes cheries!

Au revoir,