Saturday, November 29, 2008

How to Create Your Own Unique Style

Hola, girls and boys! Today, this fashionista is going to teach you how to find your own unique style! After all, sometimes we all get a little too caught up in the world of Abercrombie logo tees and dressing just like the girls at school. Isn't it better to stand out and be noticed? I don't mean you have to dress wild 'n' crazy- in fact, I don't think you should. Just adding your own personal touch to every outfit is a great place to start, though!

My Personal Tips for Finding Your Own Unique Style
1. Find a "you" item of clothing and wear it often. I would not suggest wearing it every day, but a few times a week gives you a way to be recognizable fashionably. For me, I wear a headband almost every day. It keeps the bangs out of my face, is good for a bad hair day, and can definitel be cute. I have some gorgeous headbands. Other ideas are scarves, a certain necklace, pair of earrings, or bracelet, a type of shoes (I also rock boots a lot), etc. Don't let this piece define you stylistically, rather, define it yourself!

2. Instead of picking one fashion icon, pick two or three. Let those two or three fashionistas inspire you when you shop or choose outfits for a day. This way, instead of just replicating one star, you're mixing up several styles into a style that is uniquely your own. My fashion icons are Blair Waldorf, Serena Van der Woodsen (yes, I love Gossip Girl! Haha), and Taylor Swift. When I shop, I think of those two fictional characters and one very real singer, and I let them inspire me.

3. Whenever you go through magazines and catalogs or are bored online, find pictures of clothes you like, stars who are dressing cute, even rooms or anything designer-ish that inspires you. Make collages, and post one by your closet and put another in your purse for when you go shopping. Also make wishlists, so you buy only what you really want!

4. Have a signature piece for when you need to feel confident. It can change, as mine often does. I recently bought a pair of black booties that I feel sexy and confident in. I wear them when I'm nervous or headed out to an important function. It really helps give me that boost I need when I'm feeling down, as well!

5. Find an LBD...but make it your own. You don't have to go for the classic little black dress. You can find a black dress and declare it your own. Mine, for instance, is a sweater dress. It's much more me than anything like this. It also looks fabulous with my black booties and colored tights. Just sayin'.

I hope all of these tips helped you find your own personal style!

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